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      Jia Jing Mould Co., Ltd is a expert-level mold manufacturers which is specialize in kinds of injection molds, stamping dies,etc. Our company have more than 20 years experience of mould technology and management,and aslo is good at manufacturing and production mold of Technology. We believe in the principle of "customers first, integrity-based, self-improvement, sustainable development," and insist on the spirit of "professionalism, coordination, rigorous and innovative ,in order to strive to help customers succeed.

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      公司地址:上海嘉定区宝嘉公路2328号 | 邮 编:201808 | 电话:021-39972180 传真:021-39972181
      Email:sales@jiajingmould.com | [沪ICP备17010041号-1]
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